***ATTENTION*** I am going on maternity leave, so great timing for you, because the ENTIRE program is now FREE while I am away! Just click on any link to get started and you will see the FULL PROGRAM (normally $49.50) now marked as free. Please enjoy and pass on to anyone you think may benefit. Congrats on your marriage!

This online program is based on a dance style created by Ruby, and honed over many years with hundreds of couples.  Her style breaks down music and dance into its simplest parts and then adds on steps, turns, and a dip to complete the dance.  The program works with any song, and can be learned with minimal practice, and in the comfort of your own home.  

Five in-person lessons with Ruby is a $425 value. You can gain access to the program for under $50!  

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When dance looks good it is because it matches the music.  Moving your feet to the beat, and letting the music determine when you do your moves equals a good looking dance.  That’s what you will learn from this program - nothing too complicated, just moving to match the music and make you look like you know what you’re doing on the dance floor. — Ruby


Save money - 5 in-person lessons with Ruby is a $425 value...gain access to her online program for under $50

Learn to dance on your time, to your own song, and for life! You’re not learning one routine, you’re learning the fundamentals of dance in general, to be used forever

Impress your partner, your parents, other guests or just yourself - the tricks you’ll learn could easily pass as your own moves

Reduce wedding planning stress with a program that has taught hundreds of people how to dance, by an experienced instructor who truly loves sharing the joy of dance with others

Watch the videos and practice in the comfort of home. No awkward instructors or lessons.


Try the basics for FREE 


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